About EMSI


Emergency Medical Services Indonesia was founded by initiators and drafters from Indonesian EMS practitioners who are abroad, especially in Qatar, UAE and Kuwait and also from various parts of Indonesia.

Background & History

Doha, Qatar August 16, 2022.
Based on the fighting spirit of the heroes who have died fighting for the independence of the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia. On August 16, 2022 ahead The 77th Anniversary of Independence of the Republic of Indonesia Indonesian health workers consisting of Nurses, EMTs and Paramedics who come from several countries held a work meeting in order to follow up on the results of brainstorming about high aspirations, input and common views (perceptions) about the importance of developing the field knowledge, knowledge and skills about EMS Systems – Pre-Hospital Setting Care.

In an online meeting the Working Group Team which was attended by 11 health workers who were part of the working group team discussed concepts and programs that were expected to provide benefits to health workers, especially for health workers working in
scope of EMS Systems.

The results of the meeting agreed on several drafts including the four main pillars to be
become the backbone for the birth of a global community of Indonesian EMS practitioners.
The four pillars consisting of Education, Networking, Organization and Job/Career are the main pillars which will be the main foundation for how EMS Systems practitioners can participate and contribute actively and productively in supporting the development of EMS Systems in Indonesia.

The meeting participants who attended agreed to form a forum for Indonesian EMS practitioners – Worldwide under the name INDONESIAN EMS PRACTICE INDUSTRY.
or INDONESIAN EMS PRACTITIONER ASSOCIATION with programs that are being prepared by the Working Group team according to aspirations, input and studies on EMS
Global Systems.
What are EMS Systems?
Emergency Medical Services, or better known as EMS, is a system that provides medical care services. When an emergency condition is activated
Due to a serious illness or accident, EMS will focus on providing emergency treatment including medical care to the patient/victim before arriving at the nearest health care facility or specialist health care facility or one that is more complete with equipment and specialist health personnel, such as a trauma hospital, hospital heart disease, burn hospitals and other specialist service facilities according to the condition of the patient/victim.

The EMS system involves many institutions and emergency health service agencies that work comprehensively when providing treatment where in handling will involve a large number of health workers. Source EMS

After going through an intense brainstorming and discussion process by bringing together views on the field of Emergency Medical Services, especially Prehospital Care, Indonesian EMS practitioners agreed to establish a special association for Indonesian Emergency Medical Services Practitioners.

After going through lengthy discussions and consolidation with various parties, on July 13, 2023, the name EMERGENCY MEDICAL SERVICES INDONESIA with the abbreviation EMSI was approved by the Directorate General of Legal Administration, Ministry of Law and Human Rights of the Republic of Indonesia.

Logo of Emergency Medical Services Indonesia Meaning

  • The EMS Star of life logo is the EMS logo that is widely used by Emergency Medical Services Providers in various parts of the world. The EMS Star of Life Logo patent is owned by NHTSA
  • Black color: symbolizes grief
  • Red and White colors: These are the colors of the flag of the Republic of Indonesia, which are symbols of courage and purity.
  • Circle: Collaboration that must be continuously strengthened in order to achieve the goal of carrying out the task of serving the community in need.

Who can join?

General Practitioners, Specialists, Nurses, Midwives, Medical Dispatchers, Emergency Medical Responders, EMTs, EMT-Advance, Paramedics and other Health Workers including students.
For those who are interested in becoming a member of Emergency Medical Services Indonesia, please contact via the email address: info@emsindonesia.com

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